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I understand that EFY.es acts as a model catalogue website. Any fees mentioned on the efy.es or on any websites that EFY.es advertises on, or in any verbal or written format, are for shooting time only. If you need a top XXX model not for a shooting but for an exhibition or other things where adult shootings are not needed, this could be discussed. It is on the strict understanding that those shootings are a matter of mutual choice between two consenting adults. I understand and declare that EFY.es is not responsible for the laws of the countries and places the shooting will take place. The laws and places are selected by the models personally. EFY.es platform helps models to connect, negotiate the price, location, time and shoot the content they need. We strongly recommend that models take care of their health and use all possible means of protection, undergo medical examinations and demand the same from other models. We would like to remind you that in many countries it is mandatory to pass medical tests for adult shootings, and the results of these tests are an integral part of the documentation for each shoot. We cannot check the laws of all countries, so all the models know and understand it and are personally responsible for this.Your health is in your hands. EFY.es platform is noway responsible for the health of the models. By signing this agreement, you understand that you are personally responsible for your health, you understand all the possible risks, you will pass the tests and will try to do everything to prevent risks for other parties.

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If you are buying tickets for a model to organise a shooting in some city, booking a hotel somewhere, you agree that it is your own risk. EFY.es is not responsible for this. Model is responsible for visas, for taking the plane (or any other transport), for getting to the hotel, for all the trip and the way back. We are not able to control this and take any responsibility.

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